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What Are The Main Functions Of The Excavator Counterweight?

Mar. 23, 2021

What Are The Main Functions Of The Excavator Counterweight?

The heavy-duty design of the excavator requires a counterweight device to balance the excavated soil. Without a counterweight, the car may tip over.

There may be accidents related to the counterweight: when operating the excavator: the impact of the tail swing. When the excavated earth is transported with a bucket boom, the counterweight may shake and cause an accident. When unloading the counterweight, remove the counterweight from the vehicle in order to facilitate transportation. This is a critical step and strict precautions should be taken.

Improved excavator counterweight: The zero tail swing design cast iron counterweight is the best choice for this design, because its size can be kept within the width of the track when it swings. The rear-view camera integrates a rear-view camera to ensure that the operator will not be exposed to dangerous bystanders, thus making the operation of the operator easier. The integrated hydraulic balance weight disassembly system saves time and facilitates easy and safe removal of the balance weight from the excavator.

Other safety risk reduction guidelines: Regular quality inspection of the excavator installation and removal system. Explain the control function of the counterweight cleaning system. Follow the manufacturer's detailed instructions.

In order to minimize possible risks, the following safety and risk reduction guidelines should be followed regularly.

Regularly check the installation and disassembly system of the excavator.

Regularly control the entire disassembly hydraulic system and lifting chain to avoid any structural damage (including bending of the excavator frame or crane structure; paint cracking in the joints and gaps between the counterweight lifting mechanism mounting bracket and the excavator frame.

The counterweight disassembly system control function label.

The entire system for disassembling and connecting the counterweight is equipped with a controller in the side compartment of the excavator. All these special valves and switches should be labeled to reduce the workload of the staff, operate accessories, disassemble the system, and avoid wrong operations.

Follow the manufacturer's detailed instructions.

All involved workers, whether they are excavator operators or dangerous bystanders, should receive regular task training on the procedures to be followed for safe installation and removal of counterweights. In addition, all manufacturer's instructions should be strictly followed.

In recent years, many excavators have been modified to extend their arms to meet engineering needs. Due to the lengthening of the big and small arms, the deviation between the entire center of gravity and the excavator is too large, and the weight of the excavator itself is not enough to make the excavator work safely. Therefore, it is necessary to add a certain amount of counterweight. Of course, the increase in balance weight depends on the tonnage and the improved extension arm. The 30-ton, 18-meter model does not require additional balances. According to this standard, you can appropriately reduce tonnage or extend your arms. If the acupuncture point is longer, add 1-2 tons of counterweight. It still needs to communicate with the designer to balance the proportions, and needs to be added to avoid dangerous balances. The work of the excavator is affected by insufficient checks and balances, and to avoid excessively increased balance to improve the excavator's flexibility and reduce the life of using the excavator.

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